Dear Diary,

It’s the first of September. Historically, for me, September has been a very good month. But last evening and earlier today, I realized for the first time that for the past few years, August has also been a rather good month, filled with very fine and important events.

It occurs to me that if I just keep working on making my life better, pretty soon all of the months will become historically really great ones for me. I think that’s very good.

For most of today, around various therapies to overcome chemo side effects, I’ve been writing. It’s been all about the short story murder mystery with Tonya Meiers. It’s really shaping up I think. I hope so. It’s hard to really be sure with vague chemo brain fog still affecting me – but I’ll have Darling read it when I’m ready.

Then a couple of reliable test readers have already volunteered to give my story a test drive. I really want to be able to send this to them ASAP. I need to move forward, to the next writing projects. I have a list.

See you tomorrow,